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The power of ideas

Albert Einstein / Laponte

"The enemies of ideas are those who don't understand them" - Albert Einstein

Every human being has a different personality. According to the definition of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), 1. f. Personality is the individual difference constituting and distinguishing each person from others. It is a set of characteristics or original qualities highlighting in some people. Personality is always expressed with reference to someone else. It is very common to express and think "this person has a great personality", but we rarely reflect about ours, or worst, in very few cases we reconsider having in ourselves a shining personality.

We think and conceive personality as a divine gift, something a person is born with, or a privilege from God to others not us. But the important question is, one is born with it or it is constructed? Is it a gift or a result? -. Day after day, monotony of the daily work and daily problems do not allow us to make a pause and reflect on it. Times goes by and although every day struggles always provide us with experience, years provide us with wisdom. Wisdom is always obtained through reflection. The secret lies in perfecting to evolve. To stop committing mistakes not allowing us to grow, and to find better solutions letting us improving till perfection.

- What is the way for improvement? - God has provide us, not with personality, but with creative imagination that makes it easy for us to conceive ideas for improvement. Working on self-perfection to stop committing the same mistakes and to study and think about solutions through the power of ideas will allow us to evolve. Thus, through reflection, studying, research and conception of ideas providing us with solutions to evolve it will be easy for us to build and enjoy a wonderful and dazzling personality.

However, something that seems as easy and simple as communicating an idea may be cause for debate with other people, even the closest ones. Those, especially the most uninformed, will always be our worst enemies to fulfill our goals. Unfortunately, ideas, especially in a country like ours, are lacking value and are rarely considered with seriousness and restraint. Most of the time an idea is humiliated, denigrated and dismissed before implementation. The secret is not giving up, remember that new ideas have never found a way filled with understanding, goodwill and encouragement. All advances and progress of humanity have always been undertaken with only one idea.

Strategic planning is a basic tool for an idea to be a project and then a reality allowing us evolving and improving. Use the power of your ideas for self-evolution, build at the same time a great personality and contribute to your country and the world with the best of you.

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