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It is a pleasure having you as a guest through our web page, whether you are interested in our services or only searching for information, we are glad to help you.


Today, business and commercial activities in local and international markets are very dynamic. It couldn't do any harm having the most information and counseling possible to undertake, strengthen or develop any product or service.


When a project is undertaken, there are high expectations for achieving success. Whether in the United States, Mexico or the rest of America, it is of primary importance taking care of every detail so that the operation obtains the desired dynamics, acceptance and profits.


For more than 20 years, our firm Laponte has provided consultancy to companies and projects of all sizes transforming challenges in solutions, making the right thing. Our experience in consultancy to different sectors and industries provides us an overall perspective allowing us to apply our methodology in any environment: market research, statutory provisions; creation and development of a brand; process evaluation and reingeneering; operational logistics and implementation; marketing and promotion; pilot test implementation. We are able to evaluate any area of your company having performance issues or simply any area to be improved, so your project keep on going and growing.


For more information about the way we can contribute to your project, please contact us directly.

Business Model Consultants

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