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Our Philosophy


"The Sciencie and Art

results Success."


Our slogan: Science + Art = ! Involves the philosophy of our company Laponte.

In human history, both disciplines have always been compared. Although conceited and selfish in general, each one has invaluable virtues. However, conjunction and mutual support between these two will lead to the achievement of extraordinary and successful projects with certainty. It is contradictory to think that they can be combined because, at sight, Science is strongly cold and Art capriciously emotional. What would life be if we did not have absolute certainty? And... What would life be without beauty that moves and excites? Which one wins the battle in a decision?

Reason or emotion?


Each project emerging, growing and developing is exciting. Each one has an emotional impact, but always accompanied by the cold of numbers and statistics.


What is Science?

Body of knowledge obtained through observation and reasoning, systematically structured and from which principles and general laws are deducted with predictive capacity and experimentally verifiable.*


What is Art?

Manifestation of human activity through which reality is interpreted and imagination is translated into plastic, linguistic or audible resources.*


What if the consumer did not have this dilemma between reason and emotion?

He would be convinced rationally and emotionally that the product or service acquired is the best. Perhaps it is only missing to add more Science and a little bit more Art.

*Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy

Inspiration and solutions to grow your business.

When you decide to start or grow your business, there are always new challenges. Through our methodology and experience, we help companies of all sizes to solve complex challenges in its operation providing advice, support or information. 



To offer consultancy in business models achieving emotional connection among companies, brand and distributor, to improve the environment and the quality of life for the benefit of communities where our customers wish to be.


Being and to be recognized as the best consultancy firm in business models and emotional connection in America.


We search for excellence in projects, overcoming expectations of our customers.

We love and enjoy what we do, beyond scopes of every project.

We assume the responsibility of every project facing challenges involved.

We create an opening and mutual dialog link with our customers based on the truth.

We act ethically.

We believe in the fraternity and cordiality that we must promote as principles of any relation.

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