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Building a relevant brand

Have you imagined how would your customers' life be without your product or service? If you decide to close your company, are you wondering if your clients would regret it? Or if they could replace you very easily.

The creation of a relevant brand is equivalent to loyalty at a level which your consumers could not imagine their life without it.

In Lewis Carroll's novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Cheshire cat said: "If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. You will always get somewhere if you only walk long enough!"

Undertaking and developing a business represents many dreams and challenges, but, above all, a personal fulfillment. A few times proper time to set out and deploy a strategy is dedicated with due seriousness, making a long and exhausting road for the implementation of a business.

To build a relevant brand is directly related with the context thereof. It is a fact that a diving shop in a Caribbean beach would be more relevant that in an industrial city without sea access; but the context goes a little bit beyond the obvious. Relevance is equivalent to success in managing every possible context; for example, offering a delivery service for laboratory clinical sample collection in one of the cities with the world's greatest traffic, with urgent result delivery directly to the physician, which creates a relevant brand regardless of a good purchase experience when offering the service.

The creation of a relevant brand is equivalent to consumers' loyalty, that they love so much what the brands does for them, that they cannot imagine their life without it. To create a lovemark is not an easy job. It is missing to deeply understand the business model, as well as different contexts and to develop a suitable commercial strategy; but the most important, that a true vocation to deliver benefits to humanity exists.

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