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Synergy infrastructure

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In summer 2008, FIFA through its website launched an international survey to identify what was the most representative world's football stadium. The survey was to open six stadiums (Wembley, Camp Nou, Maracana Bernabeu, San Siro and Azteca) considered the most distinctive in the world. The concept was very simple, if the world had a team, what would be it's headquarters?

The survey was conducted with the participation of thousands of people around the world, and within days the vote was closed. The result was surprising, the stadium selected was the Azteca Stadium. Why world's football fans had decided that the legendary stadium was the most representative of football? Selected above the "Wembley des Anglais", fathers and inventors of modern football, the "Maracana of pentacampeones" of the world, or the "Bernabeu Real Madrid", house the most successful football club of all times. The answer is not being simple; many factors had to be conjugated to reach this conclusion.

Unforgettable moments in the history of Azteca Stadium were the main reason. The first is that on the grass of this scenario, world's champions Pele (70) and Maradona (86) were crowned, the two considered the "soccer gods" of all times; the stadium has hosted two World Cups late, hence the old Jules Rimet Cup and the present World Cup was played. Pele retired right there, after winning that final 1970; in this same stadium, it was carried out the so-called "Game of Century" between Italy and Germany; and finally, because it is considered the perfect stadium to watch football once it was designed specifically for it.

Azteca Stadium is a scenario that was built with the vision of making a world cup, but never with the certainty that memorable and glorious football stories could be written down to become the most representative football stadium.

When many entrepreneurs say that "only would be willing to invest in infrastructure when would have clients insurance to support investment," I do you always refer to the Azteca Stadium. It is unlikely to have first two world cup finals, a match of the century and thousands of unforgettable emotions to then build a stage. A World Cup would not have done if he had not first built a majestic stadium.

Build a stunning property is not sufficient to achieve this level of success, but if it is the first step to achieve it; for this, it needs to renew every day, work hard in the spirit and in proper promotion. The Azteca Stadium is today an abandoned building, wasted, despised and poorly conditioned according to its great history, the conditions of the current football, and his own royal investiture of "temple of gods". Today, Messi and Ronaldo should play at least one match on this sacred step. Imagine a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Estadio Azteca to relaunch and re position its brand and prestige.

The infrastructure will always create a synergy of inspiration. While it is true that players have given great performances there, it is a reality that few would give credit to the context given by the magnificent scenery. The infrastructure will always be a point of light for germination of large momentous events for mankind.

Allow yourself as a visionary, plan and create a great infrastructure to provide an incalculable improvement of humanity. Make your own company / project a contribution to the evolution creating their own Temple of Gods.

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